Sapi, Chewore, Dande and Doma Safari Areas

Why Visit?: 

Safari Areas where wildlife hunting is permitted under licence and with Professional Hunters

How to get here: 

As for Mana Pools

These hunting areas are all to the east and south east of Mana Pools National Park, but they do form part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, except for Doma which is excluded from this designation as it has seen extensive human infringement and poaching.  Although these Parks are adjacent to Mana Pools they occupy extremely remote parts of the country. Chewore is the largest and extends southwards from the Zambezi’s Mupata Gorge down as far as the Angwa River which forms part of its southern border. The terrain is extremely rugged with mountains and valleys which are bisected by sand rivers. Roads and human settlements are few; this is a tsetse fly and malaria zone, visitors need to be self-sufficient in everything.

The northern boundaries of the Sapi and Chewore Safari Areas comprise the Zambezi River; unlike Mana Pools National Park visitors may fish from motorboats, photo-safari and hunting are permitted. The Mupata Gorge is a narrow, deep, confined valley making the river run swiftly and the fishing is excellent. Tiger fish, bream, giant vundu, bottlenose, Cornish jack, chessa, Nkupe and barbel are all regularly caught here.

Almost all the large animal species found in Zimbabwe are here except giraffe, wildebeest and the endangered black rhino. There is excellent bird viewing with over 400 species recorded as these Safari Areas cover a very diverse range of habitats each suited to the different species. This area of the Zambese valley includes the most extensive fossil remains in Zimbabwe, including widespread "petrified forests" of fossil wood west of Mupata Gorge.

Hunting and Tour Operators include:

Chipitani safari Co ( has a hunting concession for this area and operate from Mwanja camp on the Zambezi River with thatch and stone chalets with en-suite toilet and shower, their thatched dining room specialises in game meals. They also have two basic, but comfortable camps in the wilderness area; Kandararo which is only accessible by foot and boat and Mariatsoro near the escarpment.

Bvekenya Safaris ( operate in Chewore north and south and their camp has thatch and stone chalets with en-suite toilet and shower and also in tented camps in the Sapi and Nyakasanga Safari Areas where they offer hunting and fishing on the Zambezi River. In the Dande Safari Area they have a choice of four camps all with en-suite bath and toilet.

African Hunters ( operate three hunting camps in the Chewore South Safari Area and is led by Adrian Read, well-known in African hunting circles. Kachowe Camp is furthest north, Chenje camp is in the middle and Mana Angwa is furthest south.  All the camps offer comfortable tented chalets in scenic locations and hunting for all the big game is conducted within their concession with most guests opting to fly in and out of the Zambezi Valley.

When to visit: 
Closed in the rainy season December to April
Hunting licence, entrance and accommodation fees charged