Mutarazi Falls National Park

Why Visit?: 


  • The Mutarazi Falls is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, the second highest in Africa (after the Tugela Falls in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa which are 948 metres or 3,110 feet) and seventeenth highest in the world.
  • The walk through the shady forest before winding through the sweet-smelling heathland to arrive at the view point with its spectacular views over the Honde valley really makes for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

How to get here: 

From the Pungwe drift turnoff follow the scenic road south keeping to the main road: 7.1 KM turn left onto road marked Mutarazi Falls and Far and Wide, 11.2 KM pass Far and Wide Activity Centre, 12.25 KM pass turn off for Honde Valley view point, 14.2 KM reach Mutarazi Falls car park. The Mutarazi Falls view point is approximately a 600 metres walk from the car park.

For the return journey it is recommended to retrace the route to Pungwe Falls and use directions provided in the Pungwe Falls entry.

GPS reference: 18⁰29′2.35″S 32⁰47′33.15″


Only 11.5 Kilometres from Pungwe Falls, the Mutarazi Falls is located in the 2,495 hectare Mutarazi National Park adjacent to the southern border of the Nyanga National Park in Zimbabwe and is administrated jointly with the Nyanga National Park. Visitors may leave their vehicles at the car park and take a 600 metre walk to the edge of the escarpment for spectacular views of the waterfalls and the Honde Valley, some 800 metres below. The path is reasonably easy, but there are rocks and steps to trip the unwary and visitors are warned not to get too close to the sheer cliff edge.

Mutarazi Falls occur at a point where the Mutarazi River flows over the edge of the eastern escarpment of Zimbabwe's highlands and are generally viewed by visitors from the top of the falls, a heart stopping sight, as the river flows over the cliff face 762 metres (2,499 ft.) in two almost indistinguishable tiers into the Honde Valley. Greatest flows are after the rains between February and April. The top tier is almost hidden from view for visitors looking over the edge, making the bottom and longer tier the main focal point and long before the water reaches the bottom of the falls it has changed into mist and spray.

Almost surrounded in forest and with impressive views into the Honde Valley, the Mutarazi Falls are one of the highlights of Nyanga for visitors. The area is rich in animal life including bushbuck, klipspringers, the rarely seen blue duiker and leopard, samango monkeys and baboons.  Ask the ZPWMA Ranger for details about forest walks, or bird watching.

Nearby at the Honde Valley view site are awe-inspiring views over the montane rain forest into the Honde Valley about 800 metres below and also further into Mozambique. Often the sound of wood chopping and cattle can be head drifting up from the clearings far below and the area is excellent for birdlife. It has extensive cultivation of tea at Eastern Highlands Tea Estate, Katiyo Tea Estate, Aberfoyle Plantations and Rumbizi and Chiwira tea estates.










When to visit: 
All year around Monday to Sunday 6am to 6pm
An entrance fee is chargeable for Mtarazi Falls which includes Pungwe Falls